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Members' News and Worship Updates

This Week or Coming Soon

Elijah Performances at Sts. Luke & James: March 24-25
A prophet’s wrestling with injustice, doubt, grief, and meaning. This gritty retelling of a Biblical prophet explores the very human stories we tell ourselves about life, meaning, politics, and spirituality to try to make sense of our world, and what happens when those stories don’t make sense anymore. Performances 7:30pm March 24-25 Sts. Luke & James – Minneapolis, MN Tickets $22 online; $24 at the door $15 for Sts. Luke & James when using the coupon code: "lukejames15" at checkout
Online sales become unavailable the day of the performance.

Community Forum: March 26
Spiritual Storytelling – The Rev. Morris Goodwin Jr. – Library Join us after worship in the Library. We typically begin at 11:15 AM and wrap up at 12 PM. This Sunday Deacon Morris Goodwin Jr. shares his spiritual journey, how he's experienced sacred callings, and how he lives out his faith.

March is Minnesota Food Shelf Month
Check out the bulletin board at church — and the links below — to learn more about our various food ministries and to find out how to support them! We’ll be highlighting one of the ministries each week during Minnesota Food Shelf Month right here in the Friday emailing. Stay tuned! —Minnehaha Food Shelf: Open every Tuesday from 10am – 3pm at Minnehaha United Methodist Church, 3701 E. 50th St., Minneapolis. Staples, meats, dairy and other grocery items are available for pick up. Contact for more information: Louise Robinson at
—Sts. Luke and James' Food Box: Located right outside our church doors on 46th St. with food freely available to our neighbors. Contact for more information: Barb Buehl at
First Nations Kitchen: Provides prepared meals and fresh produce every Sunday from 4-5pm outside All Nation’s Episcopal Church at 3044 Longfellow Avenue. Contact for more information: Lisa Logelin at  

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt
—Easter Eggs to Fill If you are willing and able, please take a bag (or more) of empty Easter eggs home to fill with goodies and return by Sunday, April 2nd. We will be hiding theses eggs for the Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt on our front lawn following our Easter Service on Sunday, April 9th from 11:30am to 12:00pm.
—Easter Egg Hunt Volunteers We also need 4 volunteers at 9:30 am to help with the hiding the more challenging eggs (higher up/in bushes/etc...) and another group of 4 volunteers to help hide the easy eggs immediately following communion. Please contact Sheila Foster or Beth Harvey to let us know if you can help.  

Donate for Easter Flowers and Music: Before April 2
Please consider using one of the buttons at the bottom of this page to make your donation for Easter music and flowers. You'll have an opportunity to make your donation a memorial gift. Deadline April 2!  

Child Care Room is Open Sunday Mornings
Our Sts. Luke and James’ child care room which is located on the 2nd floor via the west stairwell is open Sunday mornings. Our child care room is staffed by Danielle McCoy and Lindsay Goodwin. They provide the loving ministry of caring for our little ones, birth to age 5 on Sunday mornings.

Photo: Elijah performance coming March 24 and 25

Links from story above:
Reading: Lectionary for Lent 4

COVID-19 Protocols
The COVID level in Hennepin County has been alternating between low and medium recently. [CDC page for Hennepin County] In such communities, the CDC recommends that people who are at high risk for serious illness talk with their health care provider about whether to wear a mask or take other precautions.

• Masks are very welcome, but not required. • You will be invited to come forward for Communion, rather than receiving it in place. • You may receive from the chalice if you choose. • Please continue to stay in place for the Peace. • We ask that all who are eligible to be vaccinated be vaccinate. • Stay home and watch the service on our livestream anytime you are not feeling well, have any cold, flu, or COVID symptoms, or have been exposed to COVID.

At-home Worship: During Lent we have taken a break from live-streaming to our Facebook page. Instead, we are focusing on improving the audio by editing the videos AFTER the service. Typically, the edited service is available by late afternoon on Sundays, but since this is volunteer-driven work, the recording is sometimes published later in the week. Look for our worship service archive on our YouTube channel

Minneapolis Winter Parking Restrictions in Effect 
Minneapolis put Winter Parking Restrictions into effect. Parking is banned on the EVEN numbered side of non-Snow-Emergency routes until April 1, unless conditions allow the City to lift the ban earlier. That means no parking on Colfax Avenue across from the church. Please note the church parking lot is located on the east side of Bryant Avenue between 45th and 46th Streets. Parking is allowed on Snow Emergency routes (46th Street). Drivers parking in Minneapolis must follow these Winter Parking Restrictions, or they could be ticketed and towed.

Sts. Luke & James Elder Profiles: Joanna Reeves
We continue our recently-launched practice of telling the stories of our parish members aged 75 or older. This week we feature the Elder Profile of Sts. Luke & James member, Joanna Reeves. You may also pick up a printed copy at the ushers’ tables, on Sunday.  And watch for more profiles of the elders of Sts. Luke & James in weeks to come.

Previous Elder Profiles:
Barb Buehl, Tony Morley, Char Carlson, Al Carlson, Bonnie Carleen, Maxine Richmond, Bobbie Kaufmann, Sara & David Sommer, Marie Radomsky, Jim & JoAnn Grilley, Sarah Sivright, Urve Daigle, Judy Diffley, Joe Ordos, Ruth Anne Olson, Joanna Reeves.

Building Use
Our church building is used for much more than just Sunday morning worship. Most of our lower level houses a child care service every weekday. We host several community groups too. Take a look at an example of a typical week's activities. (Note: the events in the sample are typical, but may change slightly each week. Be sure to contact our office whenever you plan to conduct any event at church!)

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Keep in Touch

Connect Your Faith

First Friday Taizé: 7PM Monthly (No Taizé in July, August or January)
Our Taizé service has returned to the nave (main worship space) and has also returned to its previous time, 7PM. This is a half-hour service of quiet reflection with modern chants (reiterated worship songs). Masks are welcome, but optional, for in-person worship, but you may also join the service via our live-stream on Facebook.

Community Forum
Yes, Community Forum. You might remember our learning community has been called "Adult Forum," then simply "Forum," and now it’s "Community Forum." Why? Because the planning group is very sensitive not only to what plans it makes, but also for whom those plans are made. Adult Forum sounded exclusive: adults only and the implication was that they should be us, insiders. Forum was used for a few months to indicate that all ages were welcome. But it was decided that that, too, was exclusive of people who are not members of the congregation. The Community Forum is for everyone! The group also has made plans to leave open Sundays, mostly so that the incredibly rich and important coffee hours that we spend – really, truly hours! – after the Sunday liturgy might continue to be available with no precluding or intervening events.

Our existence as a faith community depends upon direct donations from our participants. Your contributions preserve our worship space, pay the staff that are engaged in worship, outreach, and justice initiatives, and directly support projects in our community. Many of our parishioners have found it easiest to set up electronic funds transfers (EFT) by contacting our office. However, we welcome donations via credit card using the links in the Donations section below.

Photo: Bishop Loya presents Rev. Susan Daughtry to the parish

Connect to Information

The Epistle
We publish a newsletter that will help you get to know us, our people, our passions, and our opportunities for engagement. Please take a look at one of our recent editions.

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Vestry Corner
Vestry Notes from our March 2023 Meeting
—Greetings to all of our community from the vestry. We had a very busy meeting this month, covering property concerns (the condition of our parking lot, which is better this week thanks to some salting) and the election of a new vestry member to fill a one-year Faith in Action Commission position. Sarah Sivright accepted the invitation to serve for the 2023 year and we are so excited to have her with us. We will miss the contributions and dedication of Chris Opp in this important work and hope to see him with us again in the future.
—We also had an important conversation with members of the Name Process Team, including the Rev. Susan, Ruth Anne Olson, Cecily Cutshall and Kerry Nelson. They gave us several ideas to consider for process steps and keep foremost in our prayers, as we find a way forward for determining a permanent name for the congregation and we will have a follow-up discussion at our April Vestry meeting. The Name Process team is also continuing to meet and will be sharing more information with the congregation as we move forward. Stay tuned!
—We also discussed the connection between the vestry and the many committees in our parish. This was a first conversation and it was decided to develop a draft policy for our ongoing discussions and actions, which will be drafted by Louis Hoffman and Mary McKelvey. We will be looking at the purposes, reporting and work of these important parish groups and how the vestry can best support and connect with each, though our current commissions or with new structures.
—A highlight of the meeting was the round robin sharing of all members present about their observations of the children of Sts. Luke and James, in and out of the worship space. So many wonderful things seen and heard! What have you seen or heard from these vital members of our parish?
—The importance of Safe Church Training was also shared and the vestry is well on its way to meeting a 100% goal for completion this month. If you have been contacted about completing this important online training and have questions, be sure to let us know.
—If you would you like to make a report to the Vestry, you can use this form. If you’d like your report to be seen in our upcoming wardens and vestry meetings, your submission must be received by the first of the month.

Vestry Minutes
Our Vestry meets monthly to represent the parish in matters of worship, education, service, community life, and business. Meeting minutes are posted here AFTER they have been approved at the following month's meeting.

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Annual Meeting Reports
Here's an archive of our recent Annual Reports.
2022 Written Reports and Agenda: [ PDF ]
2021 Written Reports and Agenda: [ PDF ]
2020 Written Reports and Agenda: [ PDF ]

2022 Full Meeting Video: [ YouTube ]

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General Giving

Individual giving is by FAR the source of funds that our community has. We maintain our worship space and grounds, pay our staff, purchase our supplies, and support charitable work.

Highlight Projects

Occasionally we highlight one of our programs. Please consider giving to these great causes.
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