St. Luke
An Episcopal community welcoming all who seek a loving, inquiring, and healing home, in service to God and our neighbor.
St. Luke's Mission


photo of Fr. Lee
The Rev. Dr. W. Lee Domenick, Jr., Priest

God is working everywhere, but sometimes we suffer the difficulties of not being able to see it. Either we are not looking for it, are too busy, or are not aware of how to think like God. By awakening the imagination, we are invited to see what God is seeing and participating in what God is doing. By imitating Christ, we experience a growing union with God. Christ teaches us how to worship by being wholly absorbed into the will and loving way of God. The gospels tell the story of Jesus doing this, recording the events. As the Bible emphasizes, this is not about them or me, it is about all of us being transformed in service to God. The joy in our community is about being awake to God’s love in everything!

Sermon: Easter 2019
photo of Deacon Maureen
The Rev. Maureen Otwell, Deacon

From the time I was a little child I felt called to do this work. My own spiritual journey has led me to appreciate and be grateful for the moment I am in and to become aware of each moment’s possibilities. Through service, prayer, study and reflection, it has led me to meet others with a more open mind and heart.

Sermon: Advent 2018
photo of Larry Reynolds
Larry Reynolds, Director of Music

"Without music, life would be a mistake." -- Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher/poet

It is my belief that music is an integral part of worship, and serves as a means of illuminating God's Word, as well as providing a vehicle for worshipers to do their work of making liturgy expressive, robust, and solely for God's glory. God is the host at God's Table, and we bravely lift our voices through the singing of hymns, songs, and spiritual songs in joyous praise and humble thanksgiving for this life transforming gift of Christ's Holy Meal.

The prayer that all St. Luke's musicians pray before every worship service ends this way, "Now we offer you our hearts, our minds, our voices, our music, and our art for your glory and that of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen"

photo of Sheila Foster
Sheila Foster, Director of Community Involvement

As a small child, youth and adult I have been engaged and involved in the Episcopal faith community. Through out the years, every faith community I've belonged to provided me an opportunity for learning, participating, leading and a worship experience that has deepened my relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I have been blessed with the knowledge that I am a loved Child of God. I enjoy the opportunity to travel with others on their faith journey and present paths that will also bring them into, or deepen their, relationship with God.

Sarah Heeren, Office Administrator

St. Luke’s is an open, loving community to work for. There are many day to day tasks to manage, from creating and running the weekly Sunday bulletins and the E-News, to answering inquires from people who once were connected by family history through baptism, marriage and deaths. The one I love the most is interacting with this caring parish family members.


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