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An inclusive Episcopal community practicing the way of Jesus by loving our neighbors, striving for justice, growing spiritually, and celebrating in word, music, and art.
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Visitor Information

Come as you are! Our people come to church dressed in whatever way makes them feel comfortable. That can be casual, or “Sunday best,” and often you will see both sitting right next to each other in the pew in front of you.

Our services are usually being held indoors again. We watch Hennepin County COVID statistics via CDC's updated guidance (Feb 2022). The COVID level in Hennepin County has been alternating between low and medium recently. If you are vaccinated you may mask at your discretion. Please check our Members page for last-minute changes to our worship schedule.

Worship Schedule
Sundays: 10AM worship (choir, eucharist, full liturgy)
First Friday of the month: 7PM Taizé prayer service (silence, prayers, contemplative music) Taizé services are NOT held in July, August, or January.
Second Tuesday of the month: 7PM Healing prayer service

We worship in our church building at 4557 Colfax Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419. Our services are available online too. We live-stream the in-person service at 10AM on Sundays, and we keep the recordings on YouTube after the live service ends.
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Location and Parking

Located at the crossroads of the East Harriet, King Field, Lynnhurst, and Tangletown neighborhoods of Minneapolis, you can easily find us between Lake Harriet and 35W on 46th Street. We're just a short walk west of bus stop 2855 and 57203. We have a parking lot on the northeast corner of Bryant Ave and 46th St (just east of our building), but you may also park along the city streets in our neighborhood*.

*Minneapolis Winter Parking Restrictions in Effect
Minneapolis put Winter Parking Restrictions into effect. Parking is banned on the EVEN numbered side of non-Snow-Emergency routes until April 1, unless conditions allow the City to lift the ban earlier. That means no parking on Colfax Avenue across from the church. Please note the church parking lot is located on the east side of Bryant Avenue between 45th and 46th Streets. Parking is allowed on Snow Emergency routes (46th Street). Drivers parking in Minneapolis must follow these Winter Parking Restrictions, or they could be ticketed and towed.

You may use any of our three entrances on Sunday mornings. There is a wheelchair ramp on the south side of the building at our 46th St entrance. There is also a reserved parking space at the foot of the ramp. Once inside the south door, you’ll find an elevator to the worship level immediately to your left.

The extensive 2022 roadwork on Bryant Avenue in our neighborhood is complete. Bryant Ave has changed from two-way traffic to one-way; north of 46th Bryant is southbound only, and south of 46th it runs to the north (please see map below). You will need to enter our parking lot from the north.
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Worship Style(s)

Our services will include symbols, smells, and vestments (the outfits priests wear) that are intended to make the experience special and set our worship apart from everyday life. At Sts. Luke & James you can expect that we may worship a bit differently each week.

Although we always follow one of the traditional Episcopal liturgies (more on this below), we present these worship elements in a variety of ways. For example, three or four times a year we worship in near-silence to experience the contemplative traditions in Christian worship. On other Sundays, we may worship with gospel music and a jazz combo, or with classical music and a chamber group. The point is, at Sts. Luke & James we enjoy exploring worship styles while maintaining a focus on the unity of the sacraments.


There are several parts to a typical Sunday morning service and they are put together, much as a play would be, to bring you through an experience. In this case it is the experience of worship in community that we present to God. We use the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer to structure our services. It divides our worship into periods of instruction and readings (Liturgy of the Word), preparation, and the sharing of the Eucharist (Liturgy of the Table). You may follow the progress of the service using the Book of Common Prayer that is provided at each seat, or you may simply follow along in the worship bulletin that will be provided at the entrances of our worship space.

There’s a lot of standing, sitting, kneeling, and bowing in an Episcopal worship service. Don’t worry if you feel confused; people who have been attending an Episcopal Church all their lives often have to look around to see what they are doing at that moment! So do what the people around you are doing—if it is comfortable for you—and enjoy.

Communion How Tos
What if I don’t want to take Communion?
All are welcome, including children, to receive Communion. You are free to stay in your seat and watch, but we encourage everyone to come forward. If you prefer not to receive Communion you may ask for a blessing instead. Simply cross your arms over your chest as you approach the Communion station. This will be a signal to the person distributing the bread that you would prefer a blessing.

What if I don’t drink wine?
It is fine to take the bread and not the wine. There are many people for whom the wine is not appropriate and they receive Communion without it. It is still a full Communion.

Some people drink and some dip?
That’s right. There are many ways to take Communion. With or without wine, by sipping or dipping. There is precedent for all of it. Do what feels comfortable and choose to drink from the shared cup, or dip your bread in the “intinction chalice.”
After the Service
After the service ends, we invite you to stay for a while after we exit the worship space. In our library, across the lobby from the front exit, you will find some free snacks. We encourage you to pause there and have a treat so we can greet you. We hope you’ll decide to return!


The easiest way to feel like a member of our parish is to just keep coming to our services and events. If you desire a more formal relationship, membership classes are scheduled twice a year, usually in October and May. If you are interested in attending, please contact the office about registration at 612-824-2697 or
Weekly schedule
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Children are an important part of our multigenerational community. We encourage them to be a part of our worship.

There are “quiet bags” and children’s bulletins available at each entrance to the worship space. It is very acceptable for children to keep their hands busy during worship and we try to provide tools that make those moments easier. Allow small children to sit or kneel on the floor and use the pew as a desk if needed.

A special children’s area called the “Pray Ground” is available to children and parents/guardian during worship. It is located in the transept space directly across the piano and choir transept. A rug is situated in this area with the intention that children may want to sit on the floor or even lie down.

Childcare Available For Young Children

If you prefer, we do provide childcare during the 10am worship service. We request that only parents or adult guardians bring young children to the childcare room. Our childcare providers need parents to sign their children in and out of the room. The childcare room is for young children infants up to age 5. Older siblings are asked to stay with their parents in worship. If older youth (12+) would like to help in the childcare room, they are invited to sign up once per month in advance (on the desk just outside of the childcare room) They will need to attend the required training for Childcare Room volunteers. Only one volunteer is permitted to serve each week.
Photo of students in Prayground
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Join Us!

Sunday Morning Worship

Taizé Prayer Service
7PM, first Friday of each month

Healing Prayer Service
7PM, second Tuesday of each month
Phone: 612-524-9180

Our parking lot is located on the NE corner of 46th & Bryant Ave.
Sts. Luke & James
4557 Colfax Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55419